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Pella Pharmaceuticals is a Jordanian – Swedish company focused on producing high quality topical and cosmetic products, using the best quality raw material from reliable certified sources.

Pella is focused on producing high quality topical products. In order to achieve this goal, Pella uses the best quality raw materials, from reliable certified sources, and implementing the GMP standards, by highly qualified staff.
the company is to be the first generic comer to the dermatology pharmaceutical market in the Middle East area, and to be the first or second comer in international markets.
Pella believes that the mission of the company does not end with the manufacturing of high quality, specialized pharmaceutical products. It is the duty of the company to cooperate with the medical body, in the local, regional and international markets, to deliver the best care to their patients, using innovative and effective techniques to achieve this goal. Another important aspect of the company’s mission is to have a positive impact to the community that hosts it; by making efforts to increase health awareness, contributing to sustainable development, or working to decrease any negative impact on the local environment. This aspect is considered an integral part of Pella’s mission, and would not be considered as secondary, or temporary.
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