Maizam Face and Body Hydration Lotion

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Face and Body Hydration Lotion, prepared by Maizam is made up of Zamzam water which improves the hydration of the skin. It nourishes, moisturizes, and protects the skin. It provides the long-lasting hydration throughout the day. Alcohol and fragrance are not used in the preparation of this lotion at all. All the ingredients used in the preparation of this lotion are certified healthy ingredients. The lotion is proven clinically and tested dermatologically.

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Advantages of Face and Body Hydration Lotion

Face and Body Hydration Lotion acts as the sebum regulator, potent whitening agent, potent antioxidant agent, potent anti-inflammatory agent, anti-bacterial agent, anti-fungal agent, anti-pigmentation agent, and anti-oxidant agent. Let us discuss the advantages of this lotion on the base of the ingredients used in the preparation :-

  • Olea Europaea Oil Extract contains Vitamin A and Omega-3 which make this lotion a silky and smooth skin provider.
  • Ficus Carica Fruit Extract provides whitening to the skin and regulates sebum in the skin as well.
  • German Chamomile Bisabolol makes this lotion an anti-inflammatory agent by giving it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Tocopherol contains vitamin E which helps the lotion to act as an anti-oxidant agent. It also provides photoprotection against the Ultra-Violet radiations.
  • Allantoin helps in the stimulation of the rejuvenation process.

The collective effects of these viable and healthy ingredients make this lotion a perfect solution for the skin in terms of hydration and moisturization.


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